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Employee scheduling made easy

Schedule faster and smarter while controlling costs

Build your employees’ schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests. Track employee hours, avoid exceeding budgets and scheduling overtime, reduce absenteeism and late arrivals, and handle unexpected changes without stress.

Communicate more efficiently from a single platform

Streamline internal communication and create a collaborative environment no matter where your employees are. Send messages in group or private conversations, keep everyone informed, give employees a voice, and build a better company culture.

Simplify time tracking and payroll processing

Easily track employee hours and labor costs and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing. Enable GPS geofencing or use a designated time clock terminal, prevent early clock in and clock employees out automatically for better time clock accuracy.

OnePlus OxygenOS 12 (Android 12) release date

Last year, OnePlus rolled out the Android 11 Developer Preview for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in June. Hence we can expect to see a similar timeline for the release of the Android 12 Developer Preview for the upcoming OnePlus 9 series.

However, the company has not yet divulged any details regarding its plans for Android 12. Once the Developer Preview program ends, it’s likely that OnePlus will kick-start the Android 12 Public Beta program.

The stable update should start rolling out to users within a few weeks from when Google rolls out the update to eligible Pixel phones.

alt=»android-12-update-timeline-schedule-roadmap-release-date-1″ width=»300″ height=»67″ /> Android 12 release schedule

We’ll keep track of all further developments related to the upcoming Android 12 update for OnePlus devices that is expected to bring the OxygenOS 12 skin here so we’d suggest bookmarking the page to stay up to date on the status every day.

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